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piano solo 4′


A gift for a dear friend: Esli Steenbeek

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  • Vision Apocalíptica II for piano solo
  • Dos Caras for soprano saxophone and piano


Guillermo Lago

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Half a year after the birth of Lago’s oldest son Joep another kid named Esli was born just a block away from Lago’s house in Utrecht, Joep in 1999 and Esli in 2000. Esli Steenbeek and Joep van Merwijk became close friends in Kindergarten and Esli also became a close friend of the family.

Therefore Lago decided to write him a special gift for his 18th birthday and his graduation from Gymnasium, before Esli would leave for Leiden to study medicine and become a surgeon. Finished and delivered with a few months delay…. 

For Esli is based on a theme from Lago’s Concerto for baritone saxophone ‘El Vagabundo’ and on the first movement of ‘Dos Caras’ for soprano saxophone and piano.

For a wonderful person and a great friend.

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