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small wind ensemble 5′



TENTOON Ensemble (before JONG Ensemble)

First Performer

Tentoon Ensemble, Philharmonie Haarlem, the Netherlands Januari 2011


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts (PDF) available on this website € 30,-

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Program notes

‘Al Norte de los Pirineos’ was written for JONG Ensemble(now TENTOON ENSEMBLE), a group of young musicians that decided to continue as an ensemble after their period as JONG NBE, the parallel ensemble for young musicians of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble.
Their request was to write a piece that would fit in a concert program with French music as a final piece and thus had to be both exciting and ‘french’.
‘Al Norte de los Pirineos’ (North of the Pyrenees (= mountain range that forms the frontier between Spain and France)) is the musical answer to that request. It is extremely virtuoso, especially for the bass marimba, and exciting. And that it is ‘french’ comes very natural, I have a deep admiration for french composers such as Debussy, Ravel and Rameau and I am definitely strongly influenced by their musical language.


flute – oboe – clarinet in Bb – soprano saxophone – bassoon – horn in F – trumpet in C – trombone – marimba (low C) – double bass