Bosquejos del Bosco (sketches of Bosch) Premiere

    Yesterday saw the premiere of ‘Bosquejos Del Bosco’ (sketches of Hieronymus Bosch; schetsen van Jeroen Bosch) for solo clarinet at the Dutch Clarinet Festival 2016 ‘Royal Clarinets’ concert. Royal because the full clarinet section of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra were the featured soloists at this concert.
    My piece was performed by Arno Piters (who also happens to be a colleague at the Amsterdam Conservatorium). And performed amazingly well…. I was really moved by his performance, we had worked together on these five miniatures based on five different Hieronymus Bosch pictures, but he succeeded in surprising me with his intelligent and passionate interpretation. Along with Arno’s playing light & video artist James Murray portrayed the different Bosch pictures in his own highly private way and that contributed even more to the overall magic and intensity of the performance. Hope to post something of this wonderful concert soon.
    At this concert another piece was premiered: for string quartet and solo clarinet by my very young colleague Tom Schipper. Before the concert Tom, Tom Wolfs (director of the Dutch Clarinet Festival) and I gathered to give an introduction to the concert. Bravo for Tom’s music and for (the other) Tom’s work as a director at this very successful Festival.

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