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soprano (or alto) saxophone & marimba (bass drum ad lib.) 12′



Sax & Stix (Eva van Grinsven – saxophones, Ramon Lormans – percussion) & Adriaen Feyaerts (Festival ‘Music Knights’, Caste Horst, Belgium)

First Performer

Sax & Stix (Eva van Grinsven – saxophones, Ramon Lormans – percussion), Festival Music Knights, Kasteel Horst, Belgium, 10th of  July 2011


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts (PDF) available on this website € 20,-

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Program notes

In 2011 Lago was approached by Eva van Grinsven, Ramon Lormans (Sax & Stix) and Adriaen Feyaerts (‘Music Knights’) to write a piece based on 17th century songs by the then resident of Castle Horst (Belgium) Jacobus van Nethen. Lago chose three of these songs as the base for the ‘Canciones Flamencas’, a suite of both virtuoso and lyrical variations.


  1. La Boda (the Wedding, de Bruiloft)
  2. Bruselas (Brussels, Brussel)
  3. Alegría de Brabante (Brabant Rejoice! Brabant verheugt U!)

Performance notes

In the first movement an additional bass drum can be performed by the marimba-player by using a pedal construction


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