Catching up 4: Dos Caras (Two Faces)

    Over the years I have of course met quite some colleague saxophonists, but I think the most humorous and simultaneously intelligent colleague/friend is french saxophonist/composer/arranger Philippe Geiss. Alsatian born and since quite some time professor at Strassbourg Academy of Music he is traveling the world as a composer, teacher and musician.
    His interests and capacities go far beyond this though, he has the deep and never-ending curiosity that is typical for great performers/creators.
    In 2015 he formed a sax/piano duo with the wonderful Marija Aupy and in 2017 they asked me to write a piece for them. They premiered the piece in Australia and I could not be there but luckily I heard them perform ‘Dos Caras’ (Two faces) live at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam in November 2018 when Philippe was a visiting professor in our saxophone class. For a Youtube live recording in Taipei, Taiwan, by the illustrious duo check out the product page:

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