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Update on Clarinet pieces

Posted By On 30 Jan 2016

Yesterday I had a first run-through with Harmen de Boer, my friend and colleague at both the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam,  of the clarinet-version of Consecuencias. A very promising and interesting run-through. He will be premiering it with the Nostos String Quartet at the Lago@Splendor concert on March 28, 2016, at […]

Duo Lorenci-Mlacnik

Posted By On 27 Jan 2016

It’s been quite a time that I posted something, to busy composing (for Mirasol Duo, Studenten Cantorij Utrecht – Ties Mellema and Arno Piters) and performing (with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble). More on the new compositions soon. This post about a wonderful sax-percussion duo from Slovenia, Janina Lorenci and Lola Mlacnik, both studying at the […]

Premiere of Consecuencias

Posted By On 15 Oct 2015

Good news today: confirmation of the premiere of ‘Consecuencias’ at the SAX2015 Festival at the CvA (Conservatorium van Amsterdam) by my friend and colleague Arno Bornkamp. Consecuencias is a piece for alto sax and string quartet in three movements. Premiere will be on Friday 27th of November 2015 at 19.00 hours in the CvA.  

New Works for Ties Mellema

Posted By On 13 Oct 2015

Very bad news just after the 2015 summer.  My friend and colleague Ties Mellema – I wrote quite a few pieces for him and his Amstel Quartet and he has been a great inspiration over many years – has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. He is now being treated and his chances of recovery are […]

Adaptation Canciones Flamencas

Posted By On 24 Sep 2015

The sax/percussion duo Lorenci/Mlacnik from Slovenia (both of them studying in Amsterdam at the ConservatoriumVanAmsterdam) asked to make an alto sax version of the three Canciones Flamencas, originally for soprano saxophone and marimba (+ bass drum ad lib.). I am a fan of the duo so I could not say no although I am really […]

Present from the Melisma Quartet

Posted By On 30 Aug 2015

On the doormat today a very nice present: the new CD by the Melisma Saxophone Quartet with music by Bach, Grieg, Ligeti and Lago. The Melisma is a very international group (Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland) and they all graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory with Arno Bornkamp (and a bit with me as I take over […]

A day in London with the Ferio Sax Quartet

Posted By On 25 Aug 2015

Some time ago Shevaughan Beere, baritone saxophonist with the Ferio Saxophone Quartet, approached me: on their first album they would like to include some of my Ciudades. London is not too far away, so we decided to meet somewhere before the recording sessions. On July 27 I flew over to London to find the Quartet […]

Wind Quintet, BOST

Posted By On 25 Jun 2015

One of the finest musicians I ever worked with is hornplayer Ron Schaaper (Residentie Orchestra The Hague; Netherlands Wind Ensemble). He also plays some lovely guitar and sings wonderfully, a typical specimen of a very handy and naturally gifted musician. (with a good sense of humor) Always wanted to write something for him and two […]


Posted By On 23 Jun 2015

Sort of outburst of creative energy over the last month. Over two weeks ago now I finished ‘Consecuencias’ for alto saxophone (or clarinet in Bb) and string quartet (or string orchestra). A three movement piece, first movement ‘de la ignorancia’ (consequences of ignorance), second ‘del amor’ (for my wife Saskia) and third movement ‘de la […]

New commission for clarinet solo

Posted By On 11 May 2015

When in Porto last week I got a phone call from clarinettist Harmen de Boer. He asked me if I would be interested writing a solo piece for clarinet for the upcoming in the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan het IJ as he is co-hosting this huge festival. Did not take me too long to answer […]