Cinc Poemes: Benimodo Premiere

It is obvious that I have a great love for the Iberian peninsula, its cultures and its languages. I decided to translate that love into a cycle of 25 poems for soprano saxophone and choir in the 5 largest languages of Iberia. I am now halfway this project called ‘The Iberian Treasure’.
I started with 5 poems in Castilian (spanish) by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: Rimas, published and premiered in 2016. To be found here.
And now (after a long wait because of the CovidPandemic) an addition in Valencian/Catalan will see its premiere. ‘Cinc Poemes’ include three poems by Vicent Andrés Estellés and two by Ausiàs March and I am very happy to have found wonderful partners to make this come true.
First of all my friend and great saxophonist Carlos Giménez Martinez. He comes from the town of Benimodo, south of València, and this is where the premiere will be.
Secondly the Orfeó Universitari de València and its conductor Francesc Valldecabres; I am especially happy that despite all the setbacks caused by the pandemic they decided to continue the project.
And finally the town of Benimodo, the Ayuntament there and in particular mayor Francisco Teruel Machí.
The premiere will be recorded and I hope to post footage soon!

And… I am already working on ‘Bost Olerki’, five poems in Basque… more about that after the summer.

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