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O Fado Da Tormenta (2010) (voice, wind ensemble)

In January 2011 the Netherlands Wind Ensemble went on tour with the famous portuguese singer Ana Moura. My friend Bart Schneemann, artistic leader (and oboeplayer) of the Neth.Winds, asked me to arrange four fados for Ana and the band and write a piece that would form a musical bridge between these traditional fados. I decided to use a poem by the portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa that for me reveals a genuine truth about Portugal in only 8 lines, all of its melancholy and beauty: ‘Tormenta’.

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Four Duo Etudes (2009) (flute, alto sax)/ Trio Etudes (2011) (sop. sax, alto sax, accordion)

Lago wrote the “Four Duo-Etudes” at the request of two musicians from the ‘Winds Of Change’. It is one of very few pieces for this combination, strangely enough because these two wind-instruments have a lot in common. ‘Doodoowahwah’ is a virtuoso minimalist etude, the ‘Milonga para Joep’ is a Piazzolla-styled slow etude, ‘Fonky Donkey’ is a 70-ties funk etude en the ‘Baile para Toertje’ a ‘Balkan’-style dance. The Etudes are fun pieces, written to learn and enjoy. In 2010 Lago rewrote the Etudes for Trio at the request of saxophonist Yvon Arts for a combination of soprano and alto saxophone and accordion.

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Sign O New Times (2010) (alto sax, string quartet (d bs ad lib.)

Ties Mellema (for whom Lago wrote ‘Strong Ties’ in 2008) gave Lago a call in the summer of 2010 to tell him about a new project he was working at. A tribute to the music of ‘Prince’, one of Ties’ musical heroes. And he asked if Lago was interested in writing a piece for this project and if this could be based on Sign O Times, a genuine Prince classic.  Sign O New Times is the result of this renewed and continuous collaboration with Ties. A five minute piece that refers freely to Prince’s original.

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Visión Apocalíptica IV (2010) (wind ensemble)

Visión Apocalíptica IV’ is the fourth in a series of apocalyptic visions by Lago. In this fourth vision Lago depicts an energetic and hopeful ‘end of times’. As in the other visions the material is scarce and strictly handled. One pentatonic scale (in its first appearance c# e f# a# b) in various transpitions and that’s it. This limited material is a metaphore for the limit of all times, for the limit of being. The piece was premiered at the 2011 New Year’s Concert of the NBE (at AmsterdamsConcertgebouw Grote Zaal) simultaneously live on TV and radio. Lago: “I have written three more visions sofar: ‘Visión Apocalíptica I’ for trombone quartet and saxophone quartet, ‘Visión Apocalíptica II’ for piano solo and ‘Visión Apocalíptica III’ for bass trombone and harp. I hope to write more as the Apocalypse remains a mistery and inspiration for me.”

Visión Apocalíptica I (2009) (saxophone quartet, trombone quartet)

‘Visión Apocalíptica I’ is the first in a series of apocalyptic visions by Lago. In this first vision Lago depicts a dramatic but certainly not hopeless ‘end of times’. The two lowest instruments in the octet, the baritone saxophone and the contrabass trombone, (instead of the more common bass trombone) carry a serene six-tone melody that is the cornerstone of the piece. This melody is always accompanied by a five-chord harmonic sequence. These five chords open the piece in a devote quasi-Gregorian atmosphere. The slow introduction leads to a swirling Jeroen Bosch-like wilderness, in which the octet is almost drowning. Then baritone saxophone and contrabass trombone pick up their role of prophetic singer again and lead the octet to an unknown end. As Lago sees it both trombones and saxophones can be ‘down to earth’ and ‘up to heaven’. In this piece he uses the wide range of sound colors that comes with that idea. Although the contrabass trombone is very caracteristic for this piece, if not available, the contrabass part can be performed on a bass trombone. Consult the composer for a substitute bass trombone part.

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Femke en la Gran Ciudad (2009) (soprano saxophone, tape)

‘Femke en la Gran Ciudad’ was written for saxophonist Femke IJlstra to be performed at her Masters Exam at the Amsterdam Conservatorium (Academy of Music). She wanted me to write a piece on her leaving the countryside to study and the problems and homesickness that were caused by her move to the ‘Big Town’ (Gran Ciudad) of Amsterdam. She also wanted me to depict her memories of the happy rural environment in the province of Friesland (in the north of the Netherlands) where she grew up as a kid. In these memories birds and bird sounds play a very important role. In addition to these elements Femke had another request which was to highlight the lyric qualities of the soprano saxophone, whereas in most of the solo pieces written for the instrument the focus is on virtuosity. All these elements are to be found back in this composition.

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Dos Orcas Jugando (2009) (2 solo baritone saxes, brass quintet)

‘Dos Orcas Jugando” was written for Manon Vermeer and Tanja van den Eijnden at the request of Manon for her Exam at the Utrechts Conservatorium. It is energetic, rhythmical and capricious with some very lyrical passages. The two baritones are the soloists in this piece, their parts are quite virtuoso.

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