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Vísion Apocalíptica III (2009) (bass trombone, harp)

Vísion Apocaliptica III is the third in a series of ‘visions’ that Lago is currently working on. The first vision was written for the New Trombone Collective and the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, the second for pianist Ivo Janssen and this third one for the Haring/Attema duo. Lago loves the trombone and the instrument plays an important role in his oeuvre. Attema is without any doubt one of the best bass- trombone-players in the world. Lago considers the harp to be the ultimate composers-candy-store: a supersized guitar, a whispering piano, a funky bass, all of that in one and much more. Haring is an exemplary performer with a very lyric touch.  So when the duo approached him to write a piece this was a very welcome invitation. This third vision is the most hopefull and friendly sofar. The end is double major and the themes are sweet and lyrical. ‘Boschian’ menace however is also present in this vision; in the repeated notes by bass trombone and harp, in the’ funky’ 2nd theme, in the capricious way in which the maintheme makes its appearance, every time in another (diabolic) disguise.

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Fast Train (to Skopje) (2008) (wind ensemble)

“Fast Train’ was written for the ‘Winds Of Change’ concert tour ‘From Paris To Skopje’ and dedicated to the three percussionists of the ensemble: malletspecialist Sabina Shehoviç, percussionist Karmen Pervitiç and drummer Davor Maraus. In this piece Lago combines minimalistic elements with the typical Macedonian 7/8 beat (3-2-2). ‘Fast Train’ was played ao. at the famous ‘Balkan Wedding’ (21st of May 2008, A’dam Concertgebouw)

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Strong Ties (2008) (alto saxophone, piano)

In the spring of 2008 saxophonist Ties Mellema’s right hand got seriously injured in an accident. For a long time it was unsure if Mellema’s hand would ever heal enough to make it possible for him to continue playing the saxophone. In this period Mellema started the project ‘On the Other Hand’ where he asked composers to write a piece for left hand saxophone. Lago was amongst these composers. ‘Strong Ties’ can be played entirely by a left-handed saxophone player, although Lago made no concessions whatsoever where virtuosity is concerned. This is what Lago writes about ‘Strong Ties’: ‘Strong Ties’ can be read as ‘strong Ties (Mellema)’ and as ‘strong ties’. ‘Strong Ties’ because Ties is capable of overcoming his accident by his own strength and even turns it into an advantage. ‘Strong ties’ because of the strong grip that pianist and saxophonist hold upon each other. Caught in one measure and one note that starts the piece and that seems to last forever. Finally they escape, enjoy their freedom savagely and at the end of the piece, liberated, remember how narrow their prison was.

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El Mar Y El Amor (2008) (viola and trombone solo, wind ensemble)

“El Mar Y El Amor’ was written for the ‘Winds Of Change’ concert tour ‘Triangle Tour’ and dedicated to violist Shira Majoni and trombonist Jaume Gavilán Agulló. The title of the piece refers to the love between the two soloplayers that spans the Mediterranean Sea. Agulló en Majoni met at Barenboim’s Divan Orchestra where musicians from around the Mediterranean (jews, arabs, andalusians) play together. Clearly this is a very romantic piece, even though they are no longer together…

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