Compositions Wind Orchestra / van Merwijk

Chronological order, starting with most recent work.

Most pieces were written for the Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy. If you would like to perform my music for wind orchestra with a slightly different setup, please contact me.

Last addition: Kleine Klarinetten Klezmer Phantasie (2015)

Kleine Klarinetten Klezmer Phantasie (2015) (wind orchestra) (5 min)

The Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy had a request: can you write a klezmer piece where our clarinet section is featured. Van Merwijk was only too pleased because the Band has a really magnificent clarinet section…. A very virtuoso piece that will challenge any clarinet section!

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Ciudades (2014) (saxophone quartet/clarinet quartet + wind orchestra) (9-10 min)

Ciudades’ (Cities) is a series of musical sketches of cities that have a special meaning to Lago/van Merwijk.

At the request of the NDR Big Band and the Amstel Quartet van Merwijk made versions of two of these city portraits: Addis Ababa and Córdoba for big band and saxophone quartet, and later adapted these two movements for Wind Orchestra and saxophone quartet at the request of the (Portuguese) Elle Quartet and the Banda da Armada (the Portuguese Navy Band). A version for wind orchestra and clarinet quartet is also available. The orchestral part is quite demanding!

‘Córdoba’ (Spain) depicts the town in Andalucia where Lago and his musical friends busked in front of the famous ‘Mezquita’ in their student years, wandering through the south of Europe and traveling from one adventure to the other. Lago lost his heart to Córdoba.

‘Addis Ababa’ is an energetic description of the capital of Ethiopia and inspired by Lago’s collaboration with the Ethiopian singer Minyeshu. They worked together at the famous New Year’s Concert by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble in Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw in 2007.

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Destino: ¡Tango! (2013) (wind orchestra, bandoneon (or accordion), steeldrums ad lib.) (9-10 min)

This piece is another commission by the Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy. It is a homage to Astor Piazzolla, a medley of three different tango-inspired pieces. Starting with an uptempo tango in the style of Piazzolla’s ‘Escualo’ follows a slow milonga van Merwijk wrote for his oldest son Joep to finish with a techno-tango uptempo movement. It features a soloist on bandoneon (accordion) and was performed with the steeldrum band of the Royal Dutch Navy at the premiere. These parts are ad libitum.

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The first piece van Merwijk wrote for the Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy (and later adapted for the somewhat smaller Marine Band of the Royal Belgian Navy) is partly an arrangement and partly an original work. It is a 3-movement medley, starting with the Romanian traditional ‘Cocarlia’, followed by an original tune by van Merwijk ( the Waters of Bosnia) and ending with a highly spectacular arrangement of the Macedonian traditonal ‘Jovano Jovanke’. The piece is demanding but at the same time very exciting.
The focus in the piece is on the woodwind section at the request of the Marine Band, with lovely solos for Eb and Bb clarinet, alto flute, oboe and bassoon.

order sheetmusic (score and parts): € 150,-