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alto saxophone (or clarinet) & string quartet (or string orchestra) (or piano) 14′


Arno Bornkamp, Rusne Mikiskaite & Harmen de Boer

First Performer

Arno Bornkamp (alto saxophone)  & the Nostos String Quartet, Bernard Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, SAX2015, 27th of November 2015


Versions for string quartet:
Score and parts available on this site € 40,-

Piano reduction, parts and score € 30,-

String quartet + piano reduction, parts and scores € 60,-

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Versions for string orchestra:
Donemus Publishing BV, the Netherlands
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  1. de la ignorancia (of ignorance)
  2. del amor (of love) (dedicated to Saskia Törnqvist)
  3. de la violencia (of violence)

Program notes

In 2014 Lago was approached by the young Lithuanian saxophonist Rusne Mikiskaite after a concert with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble in the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan het IJ where he had been performing his arrangement of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet with his colleagues . She had received an invitation by a Festival in Lithuania for concerts with a string quartet and asked Lago if he had suggestions. He decided on the spot to write a piece for her and promised her so. ‘Consecuencias’ (consequences) is the result of that promise.

A three movement piece; the first movement portraying consequences of ignorance, the second consequences of love and the third consequences of violence. The version for alto saxophone and strings is dedicated to both Rusne and Lago’s long-time friend Arno Bornkamp. 

The premiere of ‘Consecuencias’ was at the SAX2015 Festival in Amsterdam by Arno Bornkamp & the Nostos String Quartet.

When working on this quintet Lago slowly became aware that what he was writing was also totally idiomatic for another single-reed instument: the clarinet. He sent out the score to another long-tiome friend, clarinettist Harmen de Boer, whose reaction on Consequences was heart-warming. Thus the dedication of that version to Harmen.

Lago also made versions for alto saxophone/clarinet and string orchestra of ‘Consequences’.

And finally the second movement has a special dedication: to Lago’s wife Saskia Törnqvist.