Sort of outburst of creative energy over the last month. Over two weeks ago now I finished ‘Consecuencias’ for alto saxophone (or clarinet in Bb) and string quartet (or string orchestra). A three movement piece, first movement ‘de la ignorancia’ (consequences of ignorance), second ‘del amor’ (for my wife Saskia) and third movement ‘de la violencia’. (in all about 14 minutes) It was supposed to be premiered by the young saxophonist Rusne Mikaskaite from and in Lithuania this summer, but the concert was cancelled, much to her unhappiness…. I had already asked my dear friend Arno Bornkamp if he would like to give the dutch premiere at the upcoming SAX2015 Festival at the Amsterdam Conservatory, and this will now become the world premiere.
    I also sent the piece to my friend Harmen de Boer, clarinetplayer of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, and he was delighted by the piece. I therefore dedicated the clarinet version to him. And finally I was asked by my friend Johan van der Linden to make a version for alto saxophone and string orchestra. I am very happy with the piece, it is energetic but also quite sentimental to be honest. I will keep you posted on performances and on availability. (after both the saxophone and clarinet premieres)

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