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small wind ensemble 4′



TENTOON Ensemble (before JONG Ensemble)

First Performer

Tentoon Ensemble, Philharmonie Haarlem, the Netherlands Januari 2011


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts (PDF) available on this website € 20,-

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Related works

  • Al Norte de los Pirineos

Program notes

In the spring of 2009 I was asked by the JONG ENSEMBLE, a new and wonderful dutch wind ensemble, to write a piece for their concert program ‘Croque Monsieur’, dedicated to french music. They knew of my deep affinity for french music and thought works by me would add to this program. In the same time I was asked to write three obligatory works for a saxophone quartet competition in the south of the Netherlands. This became a three movement piece called ‘Tres Encuentros’ (Three Meetings) and the slow middle movement of these ‘meetings’ was a meeting with a composer I deeply admire: Jean-Philippe Rameau. So while still working on the ‘main’ piece for JONG (‘Al Norte de los Pirineos’) I decided to give them a little extra present and arranged the ‘Encuentro con Jean-Philippe Rameau’ for them.


flute – oboe – clarinet in Bb – alto saxophone – bassoon – horn in F – trumpet in C – trombone – marimba (low C) – double bass