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soprano saxophone and tape 7′



Femke IJlstra

First Performer

Femke IJlstra – soprano saxophone, Bernard Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 28th of April 2009


Guillermo Lago
Score (PDF) + tape available on this website € 25,-

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Program notes

‘Femke en la Gran Ciudad’ was written for saxophonist Femke IJlstra to be performed at her Masters Exam at the Amsterdam Conservatorium (Academy of Music). She wanted me to write a piece on her leaving the countryside to study and the problems and homesickness that were caused by her move to the ‘Big Town’ (Gran Ciudad) of Amsterdam. She also wanted me to depict her memories of the happy rural environment in the province of Friesland (in the north of the Netherlands) where she grew up as a kid. In these memories birds and bird sounds play a very important role. In addition to these elements Femke had another request which was to highlight the lyric qualities of the soprano saxophone, whereas in most of the solo pieces written for the instrument the focus is on virtuosity. All these elements are to be found back in this composition.


CD Stofsûgersjongers

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