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(solo) alto saxophone & symphony orchestra (or string orchestra) 21′


Arno Bornkamp & the 18th World Saxophone Congress 2018 Zagreb

First Performer

Arno Bornkamp (alto saxophone)  & The Croatian Radio & Television Orchestra, Pierre-André Valade conductor. Lisinsky Hall, Zagreb, 10th of July 2018 at the 18th Zagreb World Saxophone Congress 


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  1. Andante-Allegro
  2. Adagio molto melancolico
  3. Presto energico

Program notes

To write a concerto for his friend Arno Bornkamp was one of Guillermo Lago’s great wishes. ‘Leyendas’ (Legends) is his gift to his lifelong friend. In 2015 he wrote a smaller piece for alto saxophone and string quartet (or string orchestra) ‘Consecuencias’, also (co-)dedicated to Bornkamp, but ‘Leyendas’ is very obiously a solo concerto where Consecuencias is rather a chamber music work.

The title ‘Leyendas’ refers to the famous ‘Rimas y Leyendas’ by Gustavo Adolfo Becquér (1836 – 1870). In 2016 Lago wrote 5 Rimas for soprano saxophone and choir (a series to be expanded soon) and ‘Leyendas’ is inspired on the atmosphere and mood of these legends narrated by Becquér, although not connected to a specific ‘Leyenda’.

The piece was premiered on July 10 2018, at the Zagreb 18th Saxophone World Congress, by Arno Bornkamp and the Croatian Radio Television Orchestra conducted by Pierre-André Valade at the opening concert of the Congress.


2222 2221 timp 2perc hrp str / altsax solo



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