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trombone quartet ATTB & saxophone quartet 4′



Slide Factory 2009

First Performer

New Trombone Collective & Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Slide Factory 2009, De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts (PDF) available on this website € 20,-

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Related works

  • ‘Visión Apocalíptica I’ for trombone quartet and saxophone quartet (slide sax replaces tenor)

Program notes

A fun and encore piece for the concert ‘Slide and Sax’ at the New Trombone Collective’s super Festival Slide Factory 2009.  A slide sax (!) replaces the tenor saxophone and Arno Bornkamp turns out to be a virtuoso on this ’20’ies novelty’ (also called Swanee) instrument…!


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