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saxophone choir (or any combination of wind instruments) 5′


No one: Lago (van Merwijk) created this piece to be used by himself in workshops for mainly amateur and beginning professional saxophonists

First Performer

a workshop saxophone orchestra at Artez Arnhem, the Netherlands,  February 2010


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts at no cost available on this site

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Related work

  • ‘El Maestrat’ for saxophone choir

Program notes

Lago (and especially his alter ego van Merwijk the saxophonist) was looking for a composition that could serve as an introduction to new so-called extended techniques on the saxophone for classically trained amateur and budding professionals. Not only to let musicians explore their instrument but also to get them out of their comfort zone in a workshop-like situation and thus hopefully gaining freedom in their approach towards music. And all this in a funny attractive almost playful way.
Because a piece like that did not exist Lago/van Merwijk decided to write it himself… It depicts five minutes in the life of Mr. Jones who desperately wants to sleep but gets a wake-up call every time.
This composition is freely available for saxophone educators, saxophone choirs and any other interested musician. Just ask for it through the ‘order’ button above. 
When performed at a regular concert standard author rights apply.


soprano, alto 1 – 2, tenor 1 – 2 , baritone saxophones
actually any given (at least 6-voiced) combination can perform this piece