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voice and wind ensemble 7′



The Netherlands Wind Ensemble / Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

First Performer

Ana Moura & The Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Parkstadtheater, Heerlen, the Netherlands, 19th of January 2011


Guillermo Lago
Score (PDF) and parts (+tape) available on this website € 60,-

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Program notes

In January 2011 the Netherlands Wind Ensemble went on tour with the famous portuguese singer Ana Moura. My friend Bart Schneemann, artistic leader (and oboeplayer) of the Neth.Winds, asked me to arrange four fados for Ana and the band and also write a piece that would form a musical bridge between these traditional fados. I decided to use a poem by the portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa that for me reveals a genuine truth about Portugal in only 8 lines, all of its melancholy and beauty: ‘Tormenta’.


Que jaz no abismo sob o mar que se ergue?
Nós, Portugal, o pode ser.
Que inquietação do fundo nos soergue?
O desejar poder querer.

Isto, e o mistério de que a noite é o fausto…
Mas súbito, onde o vento ruge,
O relâmpago, farol de Deus, um hausto
Brilha, e o mar scuro struge.


What lies in the undersea abyss, struggling to arise?
We, Portugal, the latency of being.
What disquiet ot the deep lifts us slowly up?
The yearning to be able to love.

This and the mistery in the panoply of night…
But then a sudden wind comes roaring,
There’s a flash, God’s beacon, a whirlpool
Lighting up, and the dark sea pounds.


voice (declamation of poem, can be from tape) flute – oboe – clarinet in Bb – bass clarinet – soprano & alto saxophone – bassoon – contrabassoon – 2 horns in F – trumpet in C – bass trombone – timpani (drums) – marimba – double bass