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clarinet quartet 18′




Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet: Tom Wolfs, Jesse Faber, Bart de Kater and Sergio Hamerslag

First Performer

Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet, Compagnietheater, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 17th of August 2018

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A very (literally) fruitful collaboration of two composers: Perry Goldstein and Guillermo Lago: close friends since 1994 when Lago was still ‘only’ a saxophonist performing Goldstein’s great saxophone quartet piece ‘Blow!’ with the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet.

Tom Wolfs of the NAKK (New Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet) is not only a fantastic clarinettist but also a oenologist and sommelier and the NAKK combines these talents in so-called ‘wine concerts’. Lago brought up the idea to write a few pieces on different grape varieties and when Goldstein found out about this, being a great wine lover and connoisseur, he joined the team.  Performances by the NAKK include audience wine tasting.

The resulting work is a 7-movement Vines and Wines suite: (order is to be chosen freely, movements can also be performed as stand-alone pieces)

  1. Sparkling (Goldstein)
  2. Grenache
  3. Sangiovese
  4. Pinot noir
  5. Syrah / Shiraz (Lago)
  6. Riesling
  7. Chenin Blanc



Goldstein/Lago Publishers
Parts and scores (PDF) available on this site € 35,-

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