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bandoneon, piano & saxophone quartet 7′



Aurelia Saxophone Quartet

First Performer

Ville Hiltula – bandoneon, JuanPablo Dobal – piano & the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam, 21st of April 2006


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts (PDF) available on this website € 25,-

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Program notes

‘Pequeñitos’ is the starting point of Lago’s composing. The Aurelia Saxophone Quartet had a very succesfull concert program in 1994 (and Live-CD) with music by Astor Piazzolla. In this project pianist Juan Pablo Dobal and bandoneonist Gustavo Toker worked together with the Aurelias. Twelve years later together with bandoneonist Ville Hiltula and again Juan Pablo Dobal the Aurelia started the search for the state of the concert-tango after Astor Piazzolla.
Several Argentinian composers contributed to this idea and wrote pieces for the combination. During this process Lago discovered that many ideas developed in his imagination. He decided to work out these ideas and thus created ‘Pequeñitos’. “Pequeñitos’ means ‘the small ones’ and is dedicated to Lago’s two young sons. Lago’s love for french impressionism is very obvious in this piece. the composition is based on the rhythm of the milonga, an Argentinian danceform that proceeded the tango.


‘Pequeñitos’ was recorded on ‘Tangón”