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trumpet and trombone solo & brass ensemble 7′



Codarts Brass

First Performer

André Heuvelman – trumpet, Alexander Verbeek – trombone, Codarts Brass Ensemble, conductor: Hendrik-Jan Renes


Donemus Publishing BV, the Netherlands

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Program notes

‘Ser Padre’ was a request from my friends André Heuvelman (solo trumpet with the Rotterdam Philharmonic) and Jörgen van Rijen (solo trombone with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) and the (Rotterdam) Codarts Brass Ensemble, conducted by Hendrik-Jan Renes. Finally the piece has been recorded by my dear friend Alexander Verbeek (first trombone at the Rotterd.Phil.) ‘Ser Padre’ (‘Being a Father) is about fatherhood; this mixture of great joy and great responsibility. Where most of my work is very severely organized and sober in its use of material ‘Ser Padre’ is quite the contrary. It is (to my standards that is) a very eclectic and ‘wild’ piece with a light and expecting introduction, a ‘bigband’-like main theme that bursts with energy followed by an almost arabic second theme that highlights the lyrical qualities of both soloists. I wrote the piece both in the Netherlands and in Indonesia and the end is definitely inspired by the tropical warmth.