Is it about that walk? …or is it about the true heroes?

 20,00 Including tax

baritone saxophone & string quartet + double bass ad lib. 4′ 

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Ties Mellema (for whom Lago wrote ‘Strong Ties’ in 2008) gave Lago a call in the summer of 2010 to tell him about a new project he was working on. A tribute to the music of ‘Prince’, one of Ties’ musical heroes. He asked if Lago was interested in writing a piece for this project and that resulted in Sign O New Times, very freely based on the Prince classic. Is it about that walk? is another piece for this program, this one referring to Prince’s ‘It’s about that walk’ and featuring a quite extreme baritone sax solo, quasi improvised. And of course quoting one of the true heroes: Claude Debussy.



Baritone saxophone and string quartet, Baritone saxophone and string quintet

Ties Mellema

Ties Mellema - baritone saxophone, the EnAccord String Quartet & Wilmar de Visser - double bass, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 8th of February 2013

baritone saxophone, string quartet, double bass ad lib.