Las Noches de Verano I-V (the Summer Nights)

 15,00 20,00 Including tax

Miscellaneous 3′ to 5′ 

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Score and parts available on this site: see ‘Movements’
Alternate versions are available for eg. basset horn, tenor saxophone and baritone; feel free to inquire

In the last half of 2011 Lago – due to other obligations (concerts, teaching, arranging) – did not compose a single piece. In the beginning of 2012 he finally found some time to compose and was inspired by his friend André Heuvelman. André had asked him to write something ‘simple and beautiful’ and out came Las Noches De Verano I. André in turn was so inspired by this piece that he decided to record a solo CD.

Lago decided to make a series of ‘Noches de Verano’; inspired by his many musicians friends. The pieces are almost Dadaist in their material and handling thereof. The ‘Noches’ try to catch the beauty of summer nights: instantaneous moments of complete happiness followed by the nostalgic awareness of the fragility of life, comforted nevertheless by the warmth of a summer night.


I. Trumpet, string quartet, piano, II. (Bass) trombone, harp or piano, III. Bassoon, baritone saxophone or bass clarinet and piano, IV. Vibraphone and piano

André Heuvelman, Duo Haring-Attema, Dorian Cooke, Bart Schneemann, Duo Schneemann-Prommel

André Heuvelman & the Live Orchestra, Duo Haring-Attema, Dorian Cooke, Bart Schneemann, Duo Schneemann-Prommel

  1. Las Noches de Verano I: trumpet, string quartet, piano (for André Heuvelman) (on CD) (score and parts): € 20,-
  2. Las Noches de Verano II: (bass) trombone, harp (for Astrid Haring and Brandt Attema) (on CD)  € 15,-
  3. Las Noches de Verano III: bassoon (or baritone saxophone) piano (for Dorian Cooke)  € 15,-
  4. Las Noches de Verano IV: vibraphone, piano (for Peter Prommel and Julian Schneemann)
  5. Las Noches de Verano V: oboe, string quartet/quintet (for Bart Schneemann)

Las Noches de Verano I; André Heuvelman – trumpet, Henry Kelder – piano

Las Noches de Verano II; Astrid Haring – harp, Brandt Attema – bass trombone