Dos Caras (Two Faces)

 20,00 Including tax

Soprano saxophone & piano 7′

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Parts and score (PDF) available on this website € 20,-

In the autumn of 2017 saxophonist  and long-time friend Philippe Geiss approached Lago to invite him for a visit to Strasbourg and to write a new piece for his ‘Duo Ostinato’, a duo that pianist Marija Aupy and he started in 2015.

Lago gladly accepted both offers and found himself writing this piece in a week or so…

Very unfrequently pieces almost come by themselves and in this case it definitely had to do with writing for Philippe. He is a highly intelligent musician who is equally at home in classical, contemporary and jazz music, and that is very rare indeed. Apart from that he has a great sense of humor and is really fast in understanding, analyzing and getting to the point. In other words an inspiring man and he informed Lago that for Marija he could write whatever and she would play it, apparently a similar type of musician….

‘Dos Caras’ is based on a theme from Lago’s concerto for baritone saxophone and orchestra ‘El Vagabundo’ (written for Ties Mellema) and it is very obviously a ‘Jekyll and Hide’ composition, showing a friendly (‘amable’) and a wild (‘salvaje’) face.

Duo Ostinato, Marija Aupy - piano, Philippe Geiss - saxophones

Duo Ostinato, Melba Hall, Melbourne, Australia, 17th of July 2018

  1. Amable (Friendly)
  2. Salvaje (Wild)