Strong Ties

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In the spring of 2008 saxophonist Ties Mellema’s right hand got seriously injured in an accident. For a long time it was unsure if Mellema’s hand would ever heal enough to make it possible for him to continue playing the saxophone. In this period Mellema started the project ‘On the Other Hand’ where he asked composers to write a piece for left hand saxophone. Lago was amongst these composers. ‘Strong Ties’ can be played entirely by a left-handed saxophone player, although Lago made no concessions whatsoever where virtuosity is concerned. This is what Lago writes about ‘Strong Ties’: ‘Strong Ties’ can be read as ‘strong Ties (Mellema)’ and as ‘strong ties’. ‘Strong Ties’ because Ties is capable of overcoming his accident by his own strength and even turns it into an advantage. ‘Strong ties’ because of the strong grip that pianist and saxophonist hold upon each other. Caught in one measure and one note that starts the piece and that seems to last forever. Finally they escape, enjoy their freedom savagely and at the end of the piece, liberated, remember how narrow their prison was.


On the Other Hand

Ties Mellema

Duo Mellema/Eijsackers

alto saxophone – piano

Recording by Ties Mellema – alto saxophone (left hand only) and Hans Eijsackers – piano; CD ‘On the other hand’ available here