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saxophone quartet 13′



Ferio Quartet, London UK : Huw Wiggin, Ellie McMurray, Jose Bañuls, Shevaughan Beere

First Performer

Ferio Quartet, St. John’s Smith Square, Westminster, London, UK, 23rd of April 2017


Guillermo Lago
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  • Rimas for soprano saxophone and choir SATB
  • The Maurer Poems for alto saxophone and marimba

Program notes

In July 2015 I went for a short visit to London to work with the members of the Ferio Saxophone Quartet on my series ‘Ciudades’ for saxophone quartet; an inspiring meeting for the five of us. So the invitation in the autumn of 2015 to write a new piece for the group to be premiered at an important 2017 concert in London came as a pleasant surprise.

At the time of the request I had just finished the ‘Rimas’ on poems by Gustavo Becquer and ‘the Maurer Poems’ on poems by Neza Maurer; I really wanted to use poetry again as a source of inspiration and I invited the Ferios to come up with poetry that was dear to them. To make this new work something not only close to my heart but also to theirs.

They selected the famous ‘Composed on Westminster Bridge’ by William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850) as their favourite and in the course of writing them ‘The Wordsworth Poems’ I added two more poems, ‘With ships the sea was sprinkled far and nigh’ (2nd Movmt.) and ‘Composed during a Storm’ (3rd Movmt.) that seemed to form a wonderful trio and also a perfect lead for musical development. 

‘The Wordsworth Poems’ were premiered by the Ferio Saxophone Quartet on the 23rd of April 2017 in St. John’s Smith Square, London.


The ‘WW Poems’ were recorded by the Ferio Saxophone Quartet, together with all six ‘Ciudades’ on their Chandos debut Album ‘FLUX’ (CHAN 1519872)