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saxophone quartet 14′



Otto Mani Saxophone Quartet Competition,  ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

First Performer

Amstel Quartet & several amateur saxophone quartets, Toonzaal, ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 7th of November 2010

Related works

  • ‘the Wordsworth Poems’ for saxophone quartet
  • ‘Ciudades’ for saxophone quartet


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts (PDF) available on this site € 20,-

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  1. Encuentro con Astor Piazzolla (SATB/AATB)
  2. Encuentro con Jean-Philippe Rameau (SATB/AATB)
  3. Encuentro con Steve Reich (SATB)

Program notes

‘Tres Encuentros’ was written for the Otto Mani Saxophone Quartet Competition in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. This is a competition for amateur saxophone quartets and I was asked to write three pieces for three different levels. I decided to write a suite of three pieces that can be performed separately or as a full suite; ‘Tres Encuentros’ (Three Encounters). Every movement is dedicated to a composer that I admire and carries both his signature and my own.

The first movement ‘Encuentro con Astor Piazzolla’ is written for the intermediate level and is rhythmically quite challenging. At the core of this movement is a three note motive that starts and ends the piece. The second movement ‘Encuentro con Jean-Philippe Rameau’ is a slow movement with a lovely melody that is a paraphrase on Rameau’s Castor et Pollux’s Scène Funèbre. It was written for the beginner’s level but obviously keeping in mind that playing saxophone quartet already requires some skills and is not possible for a ‘real’ beginner. The third movement ‘Encuentro con Steve Reich’ is the most complicated movement, both individually and for the ensemble. Apart form the minimalistic influence of Reich I also borrowed a melodic phrase from Strawinsky’s Sacre, precisely as the old master himself did….

First and second movement are either SATB or AATB, the third movement is SATB only.