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(solo) alto saxophone & wind orchestra 12′


Neus Mínguez & the Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante (Alacant), also dedicated to conductor José Vicente Díaz Alcaina and Jaume Gavilán Agullo

First Performer

Neus Mínguez (alto saxophone)  & the BSMA, José Vicente Díaz Alcaina conductor. May 2021 Alacant, Auditorio, Spain


  1. L’Albarder de Cocentaina
  2. La Metgessa del Dimoni
  3. El Forçut de Xixona


Guillermo Lago
Parts and score (PDF) available on this website € 150,-

saxophone part and piano reduction € 35,-

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Program notes

In October 2020 Lago’s student at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam Neus Mínguez told him that she had been invited to perform as a soloist with the Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante (Alacant) in May 2021; an initiative to promote young musicians in the Alacant province (Spain). A nice coincidence because Lago had worked with that orchestra, its conductor José Vicente Díaz Alcaina and the Fukio Quartet in 2016 resulting in a very fruitful collaboration.

Based on that experience Lago decided to write a new piece for the occasion taking as inspiration a series of fairy tales very typical for the region called ‘Rondalles’. Many of those were gathered and written down by the writer Enric Valor i Vives who played a major role in the development and liberation of the ‘valenciano’, the language very close to catalan spoken in the region. Three of these tales were chosen as inspiration for this musical suite: L’Albarder de Cocentaina, (The saddlemaker from Cocentaina) La Metgessa del Dimoni (The Doctor of the Demons) and El Forçut de Xixona (The Muscleman from Xixona).

The piece is dedicated to Neus, the Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante, conductor José (Pepe) Vicente Díaz Alcaina and also to Lago’s dear friend (from Cocentaina…) Jaume Gavilán Agullo and his family.


solo alto saxophone in Eb

flute 1-2
oboe 1-2
english horn in F
clarinet in Eb
clarinet in Bb I II III
alto clarinet in Eb
bass clarinet in Bb
alto saxophone in Eb 1-2
tenor saxophone in Bb 1-2
baritone saxophone in Eb

trumpet in Bb 1-2-3
horn in F 1-2-3-4
trombone 1-2
bass trombone
euphonium 1-2
bass tuba 1-2

timpani (+ suspended cymbal)
percussion 1 (suspended cymbal, marimba, vibraphone)
percussion 2 (snaredrum, suspended cymbal)
percussion 3 (snaredrum, bassdrum (Gran Cassa))

double bass (ad lib.)

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