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trombone quartet ATTContrB & saxophone quartet 7′



Slide Factory 2009

First Performer

New Trombone Collective & Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Slide Factory 2009, De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Guillermo Lago
Score and parts (PDF) available on this website € 30,-

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Program notes

‘Visión Apocalíptica I’ is the first in a series of apocalyptic visions by Lago. In this first vision Lago depicts a dramatic but certainly not hopeless ‘end of times’. The two lowest instruments in the octet, the baritone saxophone and the contrabass trombone, (instead of the more common bass trombone) carry a serene six-tone melody that is the cornerstone of the piece. This melody is always accompanied by a five-chord harmonic sequence. These five chords open the piece in a devote quasi-Gregorian atmosphere. The slow introduction leads to a swirling Jeroen Bosch-like wilderness, in which the octet is almost drowning. Then baritone saxophone and contrabass trombone pick up their role of prophetic singer again and lead the octet to an unknown end. As Lago sees it both trombones and saxophones can be ‘down to earth’ and ‘up to heaven’. In this piece he uses the wide range of sound colors that comes with that idea. Although the contrabass trombone is very caracteristic for this piece, if not available, the contrabass part can be performed on a bass trombone. Consult the composer for a substitute bass trombone part.


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