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piano solo 5′



Ivo Janssen

First Performer

not yet performed


Guillermo Lago
Score (PDF) available on this website € 15,-

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  • ‘Visión Apocalíptica I, III, IV’

Program notes

As in the other visions the material is scarce and strictly handled. One pentatonic scale (in its first appearance c# e f# a# b) in various transpitions and that’s it. This limited material is a metaphore for the limit of all times, for the limit of being. I wrote the piece for my dear friend Ivo Janssen whose musicianship is a great inspiration for me (ao his Bach recordings are fascinating). He is a very virtuoso pianist and that gave me the opportunity to write without limits…
I have written three more visions sofar: ‘Visión Apocalíptica I’ for trombone quartet and saxophone quartet, ‘Visión Apocalíptica III’ for bass trombone and harp and ‘IV’ for wind ensemble. I hope to write more as the ‘Apocalypse’ remains a mistery and inspiration for me.


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