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The Netherlands Wind Ensemble / Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

First Performer

The Netherlands Wind Ensemble, New Year’s Concert 2011, Concertgebouw Big Hall, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1st of January 2011


Donemus Publishing BV, the Netherlands

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Program notes

‘Visión Apocalíptica IV’ is the fourth in a series of apocalyptic visions by Lago. In this fourth vision Lago depicts an energetic and hopeful ‘end of times’. As in the other visions the material is scarce and strictly handled. One pentatonic scale (in its first appearance c# e f# a# b) in various transpitions and that’s it. This limited material is a metaphore for the limit of all times, for the limit of being. The piece was premiered at the 2011 New Year’s Concert of the NBE (at AmsterdamsConcertgebouw Grote Zaal) simultaneously live on TV and radio. Lago: “I have written three more visions sofar: ‘Visión Apocalíptica I’ for trombone quartet and saxophone quartet, ‘Visión Apocalíptica II’ for piano solo and ‘Visión Apocalíptica III’ for bass trombone and harp. I hope to write more as the Apocalypse remains a mistery and inspiration for me.”


flute (picc) – 2 oboes – clarinet in Bb – bass clarinet – soprano, alto and baritone saxophone – bassoon – contrabassoon – 4 horns in F – 2 trumpets in C – trombone – bass trombone – timpani – marimba – timpani (vibraphone) – double bass – bass guitar