Willem van Merwijk


Willem van Merwijk (Bemmel, The Netherlands, 1960) is co-founder of the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and has been playing the baritone saxophone in this group from 1982 till 2013. He has given concerts all over the world thus promoting both his instrument and the saxophone quartet. The Quartet recorded over ten CD’s and contributed to many other recordings, setting new standards for the ensemble. One of the prizes awarded to the Quartet was an Edison for their Gershwin/Moussorgsky album.
In 2013, after having performed over 30 years with the Quartet, van Merwijk decided to leave the group, his goodbye concerts being two concerts with Branford Marsalis in the spring of 2013.

Mr. Van Merwijk is a member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble since 1990 and regularly performing, composing and arranging for this group. Amongst other things he performed over 20 times at the group’s famous New Year’s Concert in the Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Big Hall.

At HRH. Queen Beatrix’s State Visit to Thailand in 2003 he appeared as a soloist with the group for HRH. King Bhumibol of Thailand and the Royal Families of Thailand and the Netherlands.
He also performed with a variety of symphony orchestras such as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Rotterdam Philharmonic.

Mr. van Merwijk is very passionate about teaching. He is currently professor of saxophone methodics and saxophone at the Amsterdam Conservatorium and professor of arranging at the HKU Utrecht Conservatory.

Mr. van Merwijk was co-founder of the ‘Winds Of Change’ (2006-2009), the Wind Ensemble of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and artistic director of this ensemble.