Jacob TV wins BUMA Classical Award

    To my great delight my dear friend Jacob TV (or in full Jacob ter Veldhuis) called me two weeks ago to invite me and my wife Saskia to a Gala Night at the occasion of the BUMA Awards: he is the first classical (contemporary) composer to win the prestigious BUMA Classical Award.
    And very well deserved this one: over the last decade he has become the most performed dutch composer world-wide and his work attracts both performers and audiences all over the planet. I have witnessed this myself when still performing with the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet: we performed (and recorded) several of his pieces (Pitch Black (dedicated to our group), Jesus is Coming, Postnuclear Winterscenario Nr. 11) from the US to Japan and his work was always received with great acclaim. The last project I did with Jacob was as a member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble: performing his Media-Opera ‘The News’ (still touring the world). Fantastic experience. ANd to be honest: he is not only a great composer but also a wonderful person… We had a cheerful gala tuxedo night with Kristien (his wife, who by the way contributed substantially to ‘The News’ and is a great artist herself) and Jacob.

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