Present from the Melisma Quartet

    On the doormat today a very nice present: the new CD by the Melisma Saxophone Quartet with music by Bach, Grieg, Ligeti and Lago. The Melisma is a very international group (Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland) and they all graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory with Arno Bornkamp (and a bit with me as I take over the saxophone class three times a year). So we go back some time and I am always very happy to meet them and hear the group perform.
    David, Marijke, Henriette and Jonas have done a wonderful job, the recording is very crisp and transparent and full of musical depth and intelligence. Movements from Grieg’s  Holberg Suite, Bach’s Italian Concerto, Ligeti Bagatelles and finally three of my Ciudades (Córdoba, Sarajevo and Addis Ababa) : a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with this lovely quartet. I did not find info on their site yet how to order the CD but I am sure they will announce that soon. Thanks Melisma!
    CD Melisma_0003

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