A day in London with the Ferio Sax Quartet

Some time ago Shevaughan Beere, baritone saxophonist with the Ferio Saxophone Quartet, approached me: on their first album they would like to include some of my Ciudades. London is not too far away, so we decided to meet somewhere before the recording sessions.
On July 27 I flew over to London to find the Quartet in a lovely rehearsing hall in one of the fanciest quarters of London, situated at ‘The Overseas League’. The Quartet won the Overseas League’s Competition in 2015 and part of the prize was a rehearsing place in the heart of London.
We spent a wonderful couple of hours working on Tokyo, Köln, Sarajevo and Addis. First time I heard Köln, very happy with their interpretation and how it comes out. Nice coincidence: the Spanish member of the Quartet, José Manuel Bañuls, is currently living and studying in Köln.
Great performers, I just heard from Shevaughan that the recordings went really well, everything has been edited and is ready for the final mastering. Check the Ferio site for more info.
left to right: Ellie Mcmurray, Huw Wiggin, Lago, Shevaughan Beere, José Manuel Bañuls

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