Consecuencias: Paulina Kulesza & Nostos

    I had the pleasure and honor to be at all the saxophone exams at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam this summer (not so surprising as I am teaching there…). The saxophone class lead by my dear friend Arno Bornkamp is of amazing variety and artistry.
    On Friday the 3rd of June three members of the Ebonit Quartet had their final Master Exams. The Ebonit performed many of my Ciudades and very wonderfully so (by heart…). Simone Müller, Johannes Pfeuffer and Paulina Kulesza made quite an impression with their heartwarming concerts.
    Paulina approached me one minute after the world premiere of Consecuencias in November 2015: “I want to play this piece on my Master Exam, please Willem!” And so she did; together with three Nostos String Quartet players and Maren Bosma. An exemplary performance of the piece. She got her Master degree cum laude….!

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