Wind Quintet, BOST

    One of the finest musicians I ever worked with is hornplayer Ron Schaaper (Residentie Orchestra The Hague; Netherlands Wind Ensemble). He also plays some lovely guitar and sings wonderfully, a typical specimen of a very handy and naturally gifted musician. (with a good sense of humor) Always wanted to write something for him and two years ago we spoke about his wind quintet, the Orlando wind quintet.
    I made some sketches then but no time to work them out, sort of forgotten, and then I found them back this week. Asked Ron if he (and the quintet) is still interested, and after a few days I find myself a happy man with two (out of three) movements finished. I will keep you posted on this one too… Working title ‘Bost’ (Basque for Five, for my friend cellist Oihana Aristizabal from Euskadi who just gave birth to a lovely daughter….)

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