Four Duo-Etudes

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flute & alto saxophone 9′

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flute & alto saxophone 9′



Esma Sulejmanagić and Belma Kahrović

First Performer

Esma Sulejmanagić and Belma Kahrović, July 2010, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Related work

  • ‘Four Trio Etudes’ for soprano and alto saxophone and accordion
  • ‘Charlas’ for two identical saxophones


Guillermo Lago
Score (PDF) available on this website € 15,-

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  1. Doodoowahwah
  2. Milonga para Joep
  3. Fonky Donkey
  4. Baile para Toertje

Program notes

Lago wrote the “Four Duo-Etudes” at the request of two musicians from the ‘Winds Of Change’. It is one of very few pieces for this combination, strangely enough because these two wind-instruments have a lot in common. ‘Doodoowahwah’ is a virtuoso minimalist etude, the ‘Milonga para Joep’ is a Piazzolla-styled slow etude (dedicated to Lago’s oldest son), ‘Fonky Donkey’ is a 70-ties funk etude en the ‘Baile para Toertje’ a ‘Balkan’-style dance (dedicated to Lago’s youngest son). The Etudes are fun pieces, written to learn and enjoy. In 2010 Lago rewrote the Etudes for Trio at the request of saxophonist Yvon Arts for a combination of soprano and alto saxophone and accordion.

Different instrumental combinations available, contact the composer.



Flute and alto saxophone, Soprano and Alto saxophone