World premiere of ‘Energía’

    Yesterday night I witnessed the world premiere of my work ‘Energía’ by the Trio Abril and it was simultaneously their ‘world premiere’; their first concert. All this in a small venue in the lovely town of Naarden near Amsterdam (the Netherlands). An all-star trio with Juani Palop (soprano, alto & tenor saxophones), Arno Bornkamp (alto & baritone saxophones) and Frank van der Laar (piano). ‘Energía’ was written before the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the consequent energy crisis and it is rather a optimistic yet energetic picture of three different sorts of energy or energy sources, wind, sun and tide. (eólica, solar and mareomatriz). Quite shocking to now hear it back in drastically changed circumstances; yet with a even bigger awareness of the importance of energy and a transition to healthier sources.
    And as to be expected: a great premiere by this brand new ensemble. The piece is quite challenging, especially the piano part is really difficult. But Frank is a super virtuoso and a wonderfully dedicated musician… A big thank you to the three of them, hope to post some footage soon.

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